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Spanish is getting more and more popular and it is not just because millions of holiday goers go to Spain every summer.

Spanish is spoken by almost half a billion people. It is the third most commonly used language in the world. If you plan a trip to the South America, a good command of Spanish may be essential.

Take advantage of Spanish In Use to master Spanish at a level needed for everyday communication at an incredibly rapid pace. Spanish In Use is an online Spanish learning course. The method itself is based on ongoing conversations. It has been proved that our lessons allow for speeding up the language acquisition process even up to four times!

Learning Spanish

The secret of our efficiency is based on conversations with the learner. The general working scheme is always the same and consists of 4 stages:

New vocabulary to learn is presented to a learner. The teacher reads it out loud twice for a better memorization.

New grammar concepts are explained along with an exemplary use of the newly acquired material.

The learner is asked a question by the teacher who reads it out loud twice so that the learner could understand it and memorise it.

The learner attempts to ask the given question using a full sentence. It is crucial to repeat all the question elements if possible. Then the learner needs to assess his own answer (I know, I’m close to the right answer, I don’t know), answer the very question and compare it with a suggested answer given by the teacher.

The best results can be achieved by answering the questions aloud. This way the learner will be able to learn even up to 4 times faster!

Sample question:
- ¿Son grandes los pueblos? (Are the villages big?)
- No, los pueblos no son grandes, son pequeños. (No, the villages aren’t big, they are small)

In the following way the learner repeats a far greater chunk of material if it happened in the case of a regular answer: -No, son pequeños. (No, they are small).

Due to a wide variety of topics learning Spanish is extremely interesting and dynamic. Our Spanish learning software has an intelligent repetition system that guarantees a permanent mastery of the whole covered material.

Save your time

Now you can learn faster and more effectively. Our system will care about your accurate understanding of the correct use of grammar rules and vocabulary

Learn at home

Learn in your spare time. With us you don’t have to look for private Spanish lessons or language schools. Any necessary tools for mastering Spanish are gathered just in one place!

Track your progress

Thanks to our statistics system you can follow your learning progress and the level of material mastery.