Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course 100% free of charge?
Yes, the Spanish In Use course is totally free of charge. If you wish to get rid of some restrictions such as daily limits, or if you wish to use the advanced statistics and learning intensity configuration options, you will need to purchase the Premium Course.
What browsers are supported?
We recommend using Mozilla Firefox (version 3.6 onwards), Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 or 9, Opera 9.XX
I forgot my password. What happens next?
Password change self-service option is available here. In case of any problem you can also send a message to the system support via e-mail, or problem-reporting system.
Why can’t I hear the teacher?
Check if you have turned on the speakers.
Check if you have Flash plug-in installed (at least version 9.XX).
How to purchase the full functionality of the course?
The Premium Course will be in stock from December 1, 2011. Detailed instructions will appear just at that time.
How to set up learning and repetition system?
Number of exercises for the day is a number of new exercises that should be done by the User during the day. The number of exercises consists of vocabulary unit groups, grammar explanations and individual questions.

Number of repetitions during the day is a maximum number of questions from previously covered lessons that ought to be repeated on a daily basis.

Number of the lessons to repeat is a maximum number of already covered lesson material units that will be revised.

Please notice that the number of repetitions ought to be at least 2-3 times greater than the amount of the material to be covered.

Number of the lessons to repeat is also a crucial factor that optimizes learning effectiveness. It is assumed that this number should amount to 3-4.

If you have any doubts regarding the configuration learning and repetition system we suggest keeping the default value settings.

Save your time

Now you can learn faster and more effectively. Our system will care about your accurate understanding of the correct use of grammar rules and vocabulary

Learn at home

Learn in your spare time. With us you don’t have to look for private Spanish lessons or language schools. Any necessary tools for mastering Spanish are gathered just in one place!

Track your progress

Thanks to our statistics system you can follow your learning progress and the level of material mastery.