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Satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with our services. Thus, we spare no efforts to make SpanishInUse.com work without any faults. However, there might be short interruptions in the use of the website, resulting from necessary maintenance and modernization works thereof.

In case of interruptions in the use of the website, which exceeds 12 hours, we oblige ourselves to prolong the subscription of purchased services with the length equal at least to the period of time, during which the SpanishInUse.com was unavailable rounding up to a full day. In order to prolong the subscription, it is necessary for the User to report the unavailability of the website, or essential part thereof, not later than 3 months after the failure.

Recommended browsers

It is necessary to have Internet access and satisfy the following technical requirements to use SpanishInUse.com website: http://en.spanishinuse.com/faq.php.

If users are not satisfied with the technical requirements, the Service Provider shall not bear responsibility for the lack of ability to use the services, or parts thereof, resulting from an inappropriate browser, incorrect configuration of software or hardware. The Service Provider does not guarantee that using the service will be possible to a full extent with every hardware and software configuration.

Users’ accounts

Setting up an account in SpanishInUse.com is free of charge. By creating an account the user agrees to comply with the rules of the Service. By setting up a new account the user obliges to submit true and accurate personal information in the registration form. Registration of multiple accounts by the same user is strictly prohibited. Also sharing the account with other individuals is strictly forbidden.

The account name cannot be a word generally considered as offensive or violate somebody’s good name. It is forbidden to use either the web site address as the account name or words being trademarks that could violate third parties rights. The user is obliged to secure and protect confidential data such as access password to the web site.

The user is obliged to refrain from actions that could cause instability of the SpanishInUse.com service operation or could hamper the use of the service to other users in any way. The user is obliged not to try to obtain access to resources, he is not entitled to.

The accounts of users who do not comply with the rules of the present regulations can be blocked or deleted.

The User is allowed at any time to stop using the service and cancel his account by submitting appropriate information through the problem-reporting system. In the event of service cancellation for user attributable reasons after the user started using it, the fee is not refundable. The user has the right to cancel the service contract without giving any reasons by submitting a written statement in the period of 10 days from concluding the contract provided he has not started using the service.

Subscription and access to the courses

Access to the requested service is given once the fee payment is received from the payment intermediary into the Service Provider bank account or the payment notification has been received from the payment intermediary. The Service Provider may grant the User access to the ordered service before the fee payment is received given the User sends the purchase payout proof. Subscription period is counted from the date of access activation to service and not from the date of placing the order. If the User has a valid subscription for a given course at the time of providing access to service, the subscription period shall be counted from the finish date of the previous subscription fee.

Once the period of a subscription fee expires, access to some content of the paid course is blocked. The User is not obliged to prolong the subscription for the next period of time or submit course resignation statements to the Service Provider (unless the User entered into a separate contract for using Spanishinuse.com platform that provides otherwise). However, information concerned with tracking User’s learning history is kept within the period of minimum 6 months unless the user wishes to delete their account. In the event of service subscription prolongation the User will be able to continue the course without losing the track of previously covered lessons and repetitions.

Promotional vouchers for course subscription purchased from external providers (including vouchers purchased through group buying sites) can be realized both with new or already existing account except as the detailed regulations of a given offer provided otherwise.

Privacy policy and personal data protection

We respect your privacy. Your personal information will be never be disclosed to third parties except for information such as user name, account avatar, name or basic learning stats that may be displayed in your public profile as well as in other subpages of the service (e.g. the ones that present the list of SpanishInUse.com Users). You have the right to access and correct your submitted personal information.

The submitted e-mail address will be used solely to send messages associated with the SpanishInUse.com service operation as well as advertising content and commercial information. The User can unsubscribe from receiving messages of promotional nature at any time – the possibility of service use is not dependent on the User’s consent to receive commercial information.

By registering to the service you agree to processing your personal information in accordance with the regulations of Act of 29 August 1997 On the Protection of Personal Data ( Journal of Law of 1997, No. 33, Pos. 883 with amendments) by SpanishInUse.com, for purposes related to the use of sending and advertising content commercial information, transactions settling as well as gathering general demographic data (including our learning process optimization on the basis of statistical data analysis) about the Service Users.

The User is obliged to notify the Service Provider about any change in his or her contact details. The Service Provider shall not bear responsibility for the consequences of erroneous data submission by the user or the lack of personal data change notification on the part of the User.

Course content and copyrights

The materials which have been published on SpanishInUse.com website are under copyrights and they are subject to protection on the basis of Copyright and Ancillary Rights Act (Journal of Law of 1994, No. 24, Pos. 83 with amendments).

Materials which have been rendered available by the Service Provider both within paid and free of charge part of the course may be used only by those persons who are in the possession of a paid subscription to a given course, persons who use the course under the site license or those who use the free course version with the current functionality limitations. Materials in the form of vocabulary items list cannot be printed, copied or distributed to others.

It is deemed necessary to obtain written consent of the Service Provider in the event of willingness to use the materials, of which the Service Provider holds the right to, the outside the SpanishInUse.com learning platform.

We reserve the right to periodical actualisation of the courses content including modification and contents of the available lessons and exercises as well as removing or adding some elements.


The claim filed by the Service User in connection with failure to carry out services or inadequately carried out services shall be prepared in a written form and should include:
• contact details of the person who files the claim,
• User account name and service under claim,
• circumstances which justify the claim.
The claim should be sent through the problem-reporting system, e-mail or regular mailing service at the SpanishInUse.com address given on the website: http://spanishinuse.com/?contact. The claim shall be considered within 14 working days from the reception date of the written notification.

The Service Provider shall not bear responsibility for any damages resulting from the use, the lack of ability to use or erroneous functioning of the Website or inappropriate use of SpanishInUse.com website by the User, except for damages resulting from intentional actions of the Service Provider.

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